Wednesday 19 August 2009

Settling back into Island Life

We are starting to get established into Island Life again, but this time in Jersey. The boys and I joined David last week and it has been rather hectic as we try to get ourselves re-established. All our stuff was delivered the day before I arrived, but when we got unpacked we could not believe some of the things we were missing (as we had thrown them out or given them away before we left). We had to head straight out to buy essentials such as a hoover, kettle, toaster, kitchen utensils, place mats, teapot and pots and pans...not to mention all the big things that we needed such as bookcases, chests of drawers, shelving, sofa and dining table and chairs!!

We are really pleased with our new house, it has four bedrooms and a nice little garden with doors out from the dining room, which is great for the boys to run in and out. It is nice to finally unpack somewhere permanent and we have no plans to be moving again in a hurry!! We are only about five minutes walk to the beach and we have made a couple of trips down there already. The boys were delighted to see all their toys and books come out of storage with Luke being particularly excited about getting his "bike with pedals and brakes" which he took to like a fish to water and can now ride with no stabilisers!! (A video of this will follow in due course but we are not online at home yet).
I started work on Monday and so far it has been okay, not too much of a culture shock, although I do find the office very, very quiet in comparison to home...there is no-one shouting "MUUUM" every five seconds!! David does not start work until September, so he has drawn the short straw of finishing off everything that needs organised while looking after the boys. David has also been spending some time with our new nanny, Sarah, who starts next week, so that the boys do not find it too strange when she is looking after them full time.

First impressions of Jersey...quite different from Guernsey, more tourism, much more going on, busier place...more cars and people...but so far we like it...!


Saturday 1 August 2009

Homecoming 2009

We arrived safely back in Scotland on 21st of June and after collecting our luggage mountain for one last time we went through to arrivals where we were there was a big crowd of family waiting for us and they had even brought cake and drinks to add to the party atmosphere!!

We headed down to Dumfries where we are staying until we start work in Jersey in August. As we cannot go back to Guernsey we are 'island-hopping' to the 'other island' to work and live. Our first week in Dumfries was spent trying to start to sort out our move to Jersey, we spent lots of time on the internet and on the phone making arrangements.

David and I made a flying visit to Jersey for three nights, where we looked at schools and houses as well as sorting out a few other things for before we head to the island.

We are now sorted for our move to Jersey and David has already left (he has the fun job of supervising the removal). We got a roof box for the car, which meant we could fit LOTS of stuff in...including two single beds and mattresses!! I fly down with the boys next week (once our furniture has been delivered). The house we are renting is close to the beach (about five minutes walk away) and about 2 miles from town.

We have been really busy while we have been over as we have been trying to fit in lots of other things around organising our move to Jersey. Peter and David climbed the Grey Mare's tail and as preparation for climbing a Munro, which they did with Graham and his dad a couple of weeks ago in appalling weather. We have done a few walks in Mabie Forest, as well as a bit if cycling. We have also been up to visit Glasgow and Edinburgh and we had a visit from Sian (our old nanny) and Lisa. We spent a lovely day with friends from Guernsey who are over in Edinburgh for the Festival.

The time has flown past since we got back (apologies for the very late update on what we have been up to) and I cannot believe that I will be starting work again a week tomorrow!!!