Tuesday 9 June 2009

Weekend with Hatish and Asha

We spent our first couple of days in Cape Town trying to adjust to the new time zone and as the weather was a bit overcast and wet we had a quiet few days.  We did venture out for a couple of walks, but the weather meant that there was not much to see...Table Mountain was hidden from view behind low clouds.  The highlight of these first few days was a trip to the aquarium, where Luke enjoyed seeing penguin and Peter and Joe were delighted to be able to get close to a shark!

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and we felt we had finally recovered from our flight over as we headed off to meet Hatish and Asha (old friends from Guernsey) for the day.  We hadn't seen them since they left Guernsey nearly four years ago, but it felt like we had seen them last week as we spent an hour or so catching up with them at their apartment before heading out to Canal Walk (a huge shopping mall) to browse the shops and have some lunch.  After lunch we took a drive past their new house (which they move into later in the year) before heading to the beach for a walk then going back to catch up some more over a lovely dinner.  

On Sunday we had a walk around central Cape Town in the morning, before heading up to the Rhodes Memorial  for some spectacular views over the city, followed by tea and scones at the tea room.  

After this we decieded to head to the University of Cape Town (UCT) campus for a walk...which nearly went wrong after we started to follow the wrong car out of the car park...luckily we realised after a few minutes and managed to find Hatish and Asha again (which was purely luck!!)...who knows where we would have ended up if we hadn't realised!!  Once we got to UCT we really enjoyed our walk around the campus, which had lovely buildings and some spectacular views over the city.  

On Monday the weather was still clear so we got up early and headed for Table Mountain, we arrived early enough to avoid the queues and the views from the top were as stunning as we remembered from our last visit.  It was quite cool at the top of the mountain so we did a short walk then headed to the cafe for some tea and hot-chocolate to warm us all up again before heading back down.

The temperature at the bottom of the mountain was a lot warmer and when we got down we drove along Signal Hill Drive, which has more amazing views over the city and back towards Table Mountain.  We did another short walk, taking in the views before heading back to our apartment for lunch.

In the afternoon we headed back to the V&A waterfront where the sunshine had brought out the crowds and the street performers so we spent some time wandering around and enjoying the atmosphere.  After picking up some shopping for dinner we headed back to our hotel and then went a walk in the streets around the hotel, which had much more atmosphere now that the sun was shining!  Hatish and Asha came round for dinner after they had finished work.  The boys were all very tired, so after getting Luke and Joe in bed early (and getting Peter to sit and quietly read his book) we managed to have a nice peaceful evening.


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