Tuesday 19 May 2009

First few days in Perth

We arrived in Perth last Thursday and stepped off the plane into the bright sunshine and heat of Western Australia.  Nancy and Robert had come to meet us at the airport and it was lovely to have familiar faces waiting for us when we emerged into the arrivals hall.  Peter, Joseph and Luke were instantly won over as Nancy and Robert had got them a helium balloon each!

Our luggage quickly appeared and I was packing it onto the luggage trolley when the “food-smuggling sniffer dog” took an interest in my bag.  We had already put the food we were carrying into the quarantine bins so I knew we were okay, but the dog was not taking no for an answer, so they did a quick search of my bag to make sure there was not a rogue apple in

The weather has been warm and sunny every day so far and we have spent a lot of time on the beach.  The boys have really enjoyed the beach, they have been building sandcastles and playing endlessly in the water.  

We had a quieter day on Sunday, we went to see the kangaroos at a nearby cemetery then went to the park for half an hour of Aussie Rules football, badminton and boomerang throwing.  

Nancy and Robert had bought a paddling pool for the boys so Luke and Joseph had a great time playing in the water and trying to surf!  In the afternoon we headed to the nearby historical “Cockman House” which had a family fun afternoon on, so as well as having a look round the house there was also lots of old fashioned games such as skipping, stilts and the hula-hoop which we could try out and some tasty scones and tea.  

Yesterday after a day at the beach we headed out for dinner to the nearby “Hog's Breath Café” where most of us enjoyed steak and chips (Joe and I had chicken) before squeezing in some chocolate cake then taking three very tired boys home to bed!

David has even managed some training as he headed out to a 6.30am swimming session with an ex-England team triathlete who now lives in Perth and coaches triathlon and swimming for a living.

Tomorrow we are off into the city for the day, so we are hoping the good weather holds for another day.  We are having a great time here in Perth…our main concern is how quickly the days are flying past!!


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