Sunday 24 May 2009

Keeping busy in Perth

After spending a few sunny days on the beach we decided to head into the city for a day in case the forecasted rain arrived at the end of the week.  We spent a day wandering around Perth and relaxing in Kings Park.  Perth city did not seem to have changed too much since our last visit ten years ago and the driving in and out was certainly far easier than in Melbourne!

The weather forecast for Thursday was a storm, but we decided to head down the coast to Rockingham where you can often see marine life like sea lions and dolphins.  It seemed a good idea until we stepped out of the car into howling winds, although it was not cold it was pretty blowy andafter a quick walk we retreated to the car to re-think our strategy for the day!   

We decided to head into Subiaco, a trendy suburb of Perth with lots of nice shops.  When we arrived the weather had picked up and we parked up at Hungry Jacks (aka Burger King) and had a quick lunch in the car, with the windows open and the sun streaming in.  After lunch we were about to head into the shops when the storm hit…luckily only I had got out the car to get the parking ticket before we decided to abandon.   The wind and rain were ferocious and we could  hardly see the road, there were tree branches down on the roads…then ten minutes later the rain stopped, winds eased off and the sky started brightening….the storm had passed!   If we had known how quickly it would pass then  we could have sat it out, but instead we headed back to Nancy and Roberts and lucky old Peter had some extra homework time!

We headed into Fremantle on Friday with Nancy and Robert as we wanted to see the weekly markets.  The weather was still a bit cold, wet and blowy, which was an extreme contrast to our previous visits to Fremantle where we had to rest in cafes due to extreme heat!!  We wandered around the markets and Nancy and Robert bought the boys a boomerang.  Then we went a walk to build up an appetite for a fish and chip lunch (which was delicious).  

On Saturday the weather was still looking a bit dodgy so we got up early and headed into Scitech, an interactive science museum (much like Scienceworks which we went to in Melbourne).  We arrived for opening at 10am and spent the whole day trying out the exhibits and going to the various shows, we had to literally drag the kids out as they shrieked “just one more go” at 4.30pm to take them home for tea.  The kids were tired and after their tea they settled down to watch Ice Age 2 while David and I went out for an Indian meal then went to see Angels and Demons (which was excellent!!).


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