Sunday 10 August 2008

Guernsey leaving party

15 days until we leave Guernsey (or is it 14?)

We made a slight change this week to the plan for the start of the trip. I am now going on the ferry on 24th August with Nicola and the boys flying up to Manchester on the morning of the 25th (where I will pick them up for the journey North). We advertised our car for sale but had little response, so we have decided to hold on to it for when we get back next year - hence the change of plan.

Today we had our Guernsey farewell party at our house. Lots of friends from school, work and sports clubs came by for some food and drink. Despite the gloomy predictions of the weather forecasters all week the sun shone and the rain stayed away all day, so we got to spend most of the day in the garden. Thanks to everyone who came, it was nice to see you all and we hope that you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did.

Following the party we quickly tidied up and then had time for some more packing; mainly the boys' books and bedroom furniture. The poor boys never know what will be gone when they wake up in the morning, hopefully the lack of a bed beneath them tomorrow won't be too traumatic! I wish I could just go to bed and find someone had packed all of my things away some nights.

Day off work tomorrow, lots more still to sort out.


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