Monday 18 August 2008

Unemployed and almost homeless

We both had our last day at work on Friday, so we are now unemployed. Feels a bit scary to think that we will not be getting paid at the end of this month! I was worried I would feel a bit lost on Monday morning...and I would be found sitting on the steps of the office...but we have decided to do a walk, so with David and Peter, we are aiming to walk 10 miles this morning!

We did not do much packing at the weekend, we have mainly been watching the Olympics. We are planning to get all packed up this afternoon and tomorrow. The house still seems full of stuff, no matter how much we pack up there still seems to be stuff everywhere. This is partly because the boys just spread their books and toys out over the available space. By the end of tomorrow we are planning to only have in the house what we are taking with us.


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