Monday, 11 August 2008

Packing day...

Packing day got off to a bad start when David misjudged the van width on the way back from picking it up and clipped a wall and ripped off the passenger mirror. Driving became a bit stressful after this as the van no longer had a mirror making driving harder and if David misjudged again then it could be the van that was smashed...the roads started to look very narrow.

We got the van packed up with a lot of furniture and boxes, this was all going into a crate at a local storage company (R&R). This all had to be packed up today and will be inaccessible once packed up, so we wanted to get it packed tight. The crate was 250 cubic feet and I found it hard to imagine how much stuff we would get into it, alternating between extremes of thinking it would be huge then tiny!

After getting the van packed up we quickly popped into town to pay the deposit on our 6 berth Mercedes camper van (diesel automatic)...which will be waiting for us to pick up on arrival in Christchurch in November.

We then headed out to the store to get the crate packed. David was a bit nervous as we headed out some very narrow roads to get there...or unfortunately I had not actually found out where the store was and took David to the wrong side of the island....40 minutes, a sense of humor failure and a few grey hairs later we arrived at the store. The box was a good size and with some great help from the R&R staff we got it packed in no time and were heading off for the second load.

The van (a diesel automatic) was terrible to drive, we spent most of the day driving in second gear as it seemed to have a phobia of third! Thank goodness we haven't just bought just such a van to live in for six months....

Once the box was packed up we had to move our big fridge freezer into the self store. This proved to be a bit tricky, but we got there in the end thanks to a man with a forklift truck and a Phillips screwdriver!

The house is looking bare and we are living on patio furniture for the next two weeks!

See our photos from today here.

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