Tuesday 26 August 2008

First (and hopefully last) visit to A&E

We arrived safely in Dumfries yesterday lunchtime and David went straight for a sleep. We have been catching up with family yesterday and today.

We have found Scotland to be so grey, the weather has been wet and overcast, but it seems the sunshine does not break through the grey skies very often this far north. We are pining for the sunshine of our island home.

Today we went to a chocolate factory where Peter, Joseph and Aaron (my nephew) tried their hands at being Oompha Loompa. They spent about an hour making (and eating) lots of chocolate and came out with a bag full of goodies.

After the Chocolate Factory the next stop was the David Coulthard Museum, where the kids practised pit stops on all the cars and Joseph tested how far he could push a replica MacLaren with one finger (too far for David's liking). The mums tested out the cafe and found it very acceptable!

We attempted a picnic in Castle Douglas, but were driven back home by a combination of the weather, some scary swans and a man running about wearing two children's jackets zipped together...

After lunch we thought we would try out the new leisure centre in Dumfries (catchily named DG One). It was a great facility with three pools including a little leisure pool which was a lot warmer than our usual pool in Guernsey (Beau Sejour). It was all going swimmingly until Luke slipped and cut his chin while climbing up the steps for the small slide. He quickly recovered and wanted to go back into the water, but we decided (on the advice of Doctor Dan) to take him to the hospital, where he was glued and paper stitched up and sent on his way with a sticker and a bravery certificate.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful!


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