Saturday 13 December 2008

Building the Lazy Dog

When we are not spending time in the library, the pool or the shops then we can usually be found helping out with the building works on the restaurant. The Lay Dog Cafe and Cellar Door is continuing to take shape and is due to open on 26th December. As this date is drawing closer we have become immersed in the details of the build. Compliance inspections, fire inspections, water flow of the fire hydrant, statutory requirements for paraplegic access (including a toilet door you must be able to open with a club hand) and health and hygiene rules have taken over as the main topic of daily conversation. Each small milestone is exciting and this week we have seen the main builders leave, toilets and sinks plumbed in, hot water tank installed, the bar fitted out, new cooker installed, the front patio completed, painting commence, the wood stoves lit and the lights turned on in the main room.

We have been spending most evenings helping out with whatever needs to be completed before the next day. This week I have been painting the kitchen and the toilets and David has been tiling the staff shower. We have had a few late nights and our waistlines are expanding as we eat midnight snacks of cheese, crackers and wine (coke for David).

We have headed off for a few days as the movers are coming on Monday to move all the furniture and equipment from the old place and we thought it would be better for them if they didn't have three kids underfoot, so we are looking forward to seeing it again on Tuesday.


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