Wednesday 3 December 2008

Lazy Living

We soon settled into our new parking spot, but it came with a price...lodging in exchange for a bit of help with getting the restaurant up and running! Within a few days of arriving we had found some jobs to do...mowing, painting, assembling cabinets, digging. Every day we were inspecting the builders' work then getting more done overnight, so very quickly the place has started to take shape. We are becoming increasingly familiar with the requirements for disabled access and fire regulations along with becoming accustomed to regular power and water cuts!

David has been a full time helper and I have been more of an evening assistant (as during the day I try to keep the boys out of the builders' way, away from power tools, off mud piles and out of holes...which is probably harder than doing the building work). Luke is a wannabe builder and spends all day "helping" David and Dean (who is his new hero) and his favorite activity is sitting on David's knee on the digger.

As we were a bit isolated out at the site (about 20km to Cromwell and Wanaka) I decided a needed a car to run about in. Dean had a friend who had something suitable at his garage and $600 later I have a rather battered 1989 Fiat Uno for speeding down to the shops in. Luke has a knack of naming cars and this one he christened "Sally-Car" (our motorhome is "Johnny Five" and Jack's car is "The Dog Ferry").

Dean and Diana also have a dog called Lazy (after whom the cafe and the Dog Ferry are named) and we were worried how Peter and I would cope with allergies. Thankfully we have been totally fine (although our grass allergies are another story) and we are all becoming rather fond of Lazy. Luke especially loves Lazy, but Lazy does all he can to escape as Luke's fingers are just at dog eye-level and Lazy is not taking any chances... in fact Lazy looks visibly happier when Luke is safely strapped into his buggy!

The restaurant is starting to take shape and David and I built the entrance path this weekend. We will have to get on wifi soon we can get the photos uploaded!


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