Thursday, 4 December 2008

Sunshine and showers

We are beginning to suspect that we have uncovered the World's greatest urban myth...that New Zealand has good weather. Since we arrived the weather has been distinctly “Scottish”... there has been rain, howling winds, mist and only an odd bit of sunshine.

The locals assure us regularly that the good weather “will be here in four days” but despite hearing this for two weeks, it has not arrived yet. We have tried reading the weather forecasts, but find then unintelligible...fueling my belief of a giant conspiracy theory by the New Zealand Tourism Board.

Today we are sheltering in the van as torrential rain beats down on us, the weather forecast in the paper says “A trough of low pressure, preceded by a northwest flow, is approaching the South Island. Tomorrow, a front moves northeastwards over the South Island, then clears to the North Island on Friday followed by a ridge of high pressure. The ridge drifts east over the country during Saturday, while a northerly flow becomes established over New Zealand on Sunday”.

I think this means the good weather will be here in about four days....I will keep you updated!


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