Saturday 21 February 2009

The unmissable attractions of Palmerston North

We have been navigating the attractions of New Zealand using our Lonely Planet New Zealand and on the journey to Palmerston North I flicked to the relevant pages to read up on the main attractions of the city.

The top attractions were:

1. A rugby museum where the main attraction is the exhibition of the actual whistle used to start the first game of every rugby world cup. Not really my cup of tea, but I am glad that they are not exhibiting imitation whistles, that would be outrageous.

2. A Rose Garden which (and I quote) "was voted among the world's top five prettiest gardens in 2003". A lot can change in a garden in 6 years, so might give that one a miss.

3. The next attraction is actually a 40 minute drive away, but Palmerston North is obviously keen to claim it as its own. It is the Tararua Wind Farm which is (again I quote) "allegedly the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere". I would need definite confirmation before I would visit...don't want to subsequently find there is a larger wind farm in Brazil.

4. Last, but not least, and again a 40 minute drive away is Owlcatraz, where the discerning tourist can view feathered friends with endearing names such as Owlvis Presley and Owl McPherson.

I hate to think what attractions were not good enough to make it into the book.


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