Sunday 22 March 2009

Cold and frosty morning

We are back at the Lazy Dog near Wanaka for a few days while we plan our last few weeks.  We had a lovely day yesterday sampling the new restaurant menu and undoing all the healthy eating of the last three months!

The greatest shock came when we looked out the window this morning to see that the ground was frosty!!!  We have not awoken to a frosty morning since we lived in Scotland and so it came as some thing of a shock.  The boys were a bit mystified and wanted to go outside and see it...until we opened the van door and they were hit by an icy blast!  Joe, Luke and I made a quick retreat under the covers, but David and Peter braved the cold for their two mile run, although Peter claimed to have frostbite on his face when he got back.

The days do warm up and we are currently sitting on the patio at the restaurant enjoying autumn sunshine.


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