Friday 13 March 2009

Leaving the North Island

Our planned four weeks in the North Island extended itself to become over two months as we enjoyed the warmth and sunshine found further north in New Zealand. We have been reflecting on our time in the North Island and trying to remember all of the highs and lows of this part of the trip.

The highlights of the North island include our day sailing on a tall ship in the Bay of Islands, seeing dolphins, David trying the trapeze, meeting up with Dan, Fiona and family, visiting Waiuku, chilling out in Mount Manganui, experiencing the buzz of city life in Wellington, watching the Ironman in Taupo and of course visiting Te Papa!

We had surprisingly few lows, we found some of the driving quite tedious and lengthy, particularly heading from Napier to Gisbourne then north to Mount Manganui. We also had one mechanical breakdown (and one self inflicted breakdown), but as each of these was quickly resolved with minimum fuss (thanks for the diesel Andy) they didn't even make it as a low point. We think our only true low was saying goodbye to the New Zealand branch of the Holmes family, we had such a great time visiting and we know if we are ever planning a return trip to NZ it will be primarily to see them!

We are hoping that our final seven weeks on the South Island are as good as the time we have had on the North Island.


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