Sunday 22 March 2009

A Day in Christchurch

After Hanmer Springs we headed to Christchurch with the plan of looking around the city center, which we missed last time round.  The day we arrived we got sidetracked by one of the many shopping malls where I got a haircut, did some shopping and we enjoyed an 'All you can eat' buffet at Pizza Hut.

The next day we headed into the city first thing and followed the very handy 'Parking Search
 Route' until we found a non-multistory car park for the van.  We spent the morning wandering round the streets, people-watching as we had snack stop at one of the many pavement cafes, watching out for the trams and browsing the many second hand bookshops (where Peter and I were in heaven).

In the afternoon we walked to the Botanic Gardens, where we 
wandered along the river watching the punts, looked at the 'art' in the park and had had a relaxing afternoon enjoying the sunshine.  

Next time we are in Christchurch we will be heading off to Australia and it is starting to feel like we don't have much time left in New Zealand.


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