Wednesday 4 March 2009

Palmerston North Weet-bix Tryathlon

Today I did the Weet-bix Tryathlon in Palmerston North. It was a 100m swim, 4km bike and 1500m run. We had been in Palmerston North for a few days and our campsite was right beside the park where the triathlon would be. I had done some practice swimming, cycling and running with Dad.

On the morning of the race we went over to the park and I got my numbers and put my bike in transition. It was a very big race, there were over 1200 children taking part and transition was very big.

When I was practicing it was very windy and rainy, but today it was lovely and warm and sunny.

After I put my bike in transition we went to the "Weet-bix Breakfast Tent". I got a plain weet-bix, Joe and Luke got apricot weet-bix and Luke got a yogurt but he didn't like it and Joe got one that he liked but he didn't eat. I ate all my food and all the leftovers.

The 11-15 year olds went first, so we had a long wait till it was time for the 7-10 year olds to race. When it was time to start all the 7-10 year olds went to the pool. We had to wait for a bit but when we got into the pool I started off last in my heat, but I was first out of the pool. I was miles ahead!

When I got on the bike I was overtaken by someone at first, then I overtook them but they were gaining on me. I knew the course from my practices so I pushed on as I knew there was a steep downhill ahead where I could get away from him. The cycle was a bit easier than I thought as the course was shorter than I had practiced with Dad. When I got to the end of the bike I had a sip of my water (it was boiling BOILING HOT as it had been out in the sun).

On the run I was very tired and lots of people overtook me, as I am not very good at running. When I got to the end (about 100m away) I started to sprint for the finish. After I crossed the line I got a medal and I felt really good and proud that I had managed my second race.

After I got my medal I went out of the finishing area to look for Mum and Dad, but they weren't anywhere to be seen! I had a look around for them and saw Mum running over to the finish line to see if she could take a photo of me crossing the line, so I ran up behind her and said "Mum I am out here already" and she thought I had gone very fast!

When it was the Spot Prizes my number was 17419 and one of the prizes was a bike, the winner of the bike had a number very close to mine, but it wasn't me!

All of my family were very happy and proud of me. Joseph is looking forward to when he can do a triathlon with me. I am looking forward to my next race.

Photos here.



Anonymous said...

Well done again Peter if you get better at running it looks like there will be no stopping ( you maybe you should'nt have eaten everybody's leftovers they might have slowed you down)

Mopsie said...

cPapa and I are utterly shockiwongled and flabbergastereded at how well you have done in the triathlon. We are so very proud of you that we might squeeze you so hard when we see you, you will be flatter than flat Stanley after he has been run over by a steam roller.Very well done.