Friday 2 January 2009

Off roading the Sally Car

The night before we started our journey up to the North Island Dean suggested we go down to the nearby river for half an hour for the boys to play. Rather than walk down Dean decided we would drive over the nearby paddocks. We all piled into our respective cars and we got ready to follow Dean.

The first field we had to drive through was the field of scary cows from Christmas Day. The memory of being stalked by them was obviously still there as Peter wound his window up when we entered the field, just in case!

Dean shot off in his larger (and much higher off the ground) car. David was driving the Sally Car and floored it to give chase. Unfortunately Fiat Unos were not built for off-roading and we couldn't keep up as he sped over the field. At the end of the first paddock it was a steep downhill and through a ditch then up to the next field. The Sally Car coped well...catching up on Dean who had to stop to pull some stray wire out of the underside of the car.

We parked up in the next field and walked down to the riverside, Sally Car was in one piece and we all enjoyed the drive down!

Couple of photos here.


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