Monday 26 January 2009


After Waitomo the next stop was Taupo, a small town on the edge of the very scenic Lake Taupo. One of the main attractions of Taupo is the hot springs and mineral pools. We were staying at the De Bretts Spa Resort and the first stop was the resort pools where the kids had a good time playing in the warm water.

The next day we headed to "Craters of the Moon" an area of high geothermal activity. We saw steam rising out of the ground, bubbling mud pools and craters formed by collapses of the unstable ground. This was really different to anything else we have seen on the trip and we all enjoyed the sights and the walk.

After a quick visit to the Huka Falls (not very impressive when you have seen Niagara...but maybe we are just becoming too well travelled) we headed to the Taupo Adventure Centre. After some debate we decided to do the maze with the kids, we were expecting it to be really easy as it did not look that big, so we were surprised to find it was actually quite tricky. After lots of circling we found ourselves in the centre, where there was a big slide to go down. We excitedly climbed up to the top of the tower, but when we saw the slide some of the excitement looked like a very small dark hole. The kids all started to mutter about having changed their I volunteered to give it a try. It was awful...small, dark, with impossibly sharp corners...I only went down it once!
After the trauma of the maze Aaron tried out the junior quad bikes, which looked like good fun. Then Dan and David gave the full sized quads a try and had a race round the track, while Peter, Joe, Aaron and Luke shouted encouragement and advice!!

Our last day in Taupo was spent wandering round the shops and relaxing in sunshine the park.


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