Monday 26 January 2009

Thermal Wonderland on the way to Rotorua

The last place we visited with Daniel and Fiona was Rotorua, which is about an hour north of Taupo. It is also famous for its natural geothermal well as the all pervading smell of rotten eggs from the sulphur!

On the way to Rotorua we stopped off at Thermal Wonderland, primarily to see the Lady Knox Geyser which goes off (with a little help from the park staff) at 10.15 each day. We arrived early enough to see the geyser and it was quite an impressive sight (although it did feel very much like a Disney attraction and we couldn't quite shake the feeling it was not actually real!).

After watching the Geyser we headed into the Thermal Wonderland park itself. There were three loops which you could walk around to observe some of the amazing natural phenomenon (such as craters, boiling pools of steam, bubbling mud, coloured mineral deposits). Some of the terrain was so alien to what we are used to looked like a film set and I kept expecting a dinosaur to appear!
We all really enjoyed the walks and the sights, we have scenery fatigue when it comes to views, trees, lakes, mountains etc and so it was great to see something totally different for a change.

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