Wednesday 22 April 2009

The adventures of Sally Car

Sally-Car is the 1989 Fiat Uno which we bought last December to use as a runaround when we are at the Lazy Dog.  

Last Wednesday I took Sally-Car into Cromwell for masters swim training.  On the way home I realised (once I was out of the well-lit town centre) that my headlights were not working.  By the faint light provided by the side-lights I managed to find a spot to pull over to investigate.  After much prodding and poking around in the electrics box I somehow managed to get the full lights on, so I quickly jumped into the drivers seat and raced home.  This somewhat dented our hopes that we could sell the car the following week.  Plan B: Sell Sally-Car back to the mechanic who sold it to us?

Peter's asthma had been deteriorating for a few days and to avoid the inevitable late night hospital visit we decided to make an emergency doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon.  I ran him into town in Sally-Car because it would be much quicker than taking the campervan (and, obviously, it wasn't dark).  About 5km from Cromwell Sally suddently lost power and my mind quickly started scrambling for solutions to the impending combination of sick child and sick car.  However, we managed to limp on to Cromwell.  As we turned into the street where the surgery was it looked like this was as far as Sally-Car was going to take us - ironically on the corner at the garage where we bought her, but she came alive one more time and we just made it into the surgery car park before she finally conked out.  With Peter steering and me pushing we parked Sally up in the only space available: the disabled parking space (appropriate for a disabled car).

After the doctor had sorted Peter (she sadly couldn't help Sally), we manouvered the car into an empty non-disabled space (Peter steering again) and caught a lift home.  This morning I went into the garage and made a deal with the mechanic to take her back and sell her on.  He gave us a tow along from the surgery and we last saw Sally back in the place where we first saw her five months ago.  When Luke said goodbye to her I'm sure she looked sad.

Some photos from recent days can be seen here.


PS Peter is well on the road to recovery and feeling much better. 

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