Thursday 30 April 2009

What we did in New Zealand (by Peter)

Hello everyone, this is about the things we liked and didn’t like in New Zealand, where we are having a great time.

The best museum in the world was Te Papa, it was soooo good!!!  My favourite things at Te Papa were the Giant Squid, the customs display (where we had to look for things being smuggled into New Zealand) and a computer game where you had to build a robot to clean your room!

When we visited my half cousins, Edward and Spencer, we had a great time.  We rode on their quad bike on the beach and I went really fast and got to ride on my own after some practising.

In Rotorua there were go-karts (or luge), it was cool as!  I got to go down the track on my own, my brothers had to sit on Dad’s knee.

Everyone likes Brumbys the bakers (except Dad because it was lent when we went there :-( ).  

There is a thing called Zorbing in New Zealand, where you roll down a hill in a ball, in water, so you slide in the ball…it is a thing called fun!

My friend Jack lives ten minutes away from Cromwell and lives at a restaurant (aka a field) and I like to play with him.  The best game we played was when we pretended we were stopping the Japanese whalers.

When Sarah (you might not know her, she is my aunty) came to stay we did bowling and my final score was 95 and I was second.

Luke thought Te Papa was good, just like me, there was a giant squid and ever since he talks about giant squids!  Luke liked the go-karting as well.  Luke loved bowling, although he was mainly interested in the balls!

When Mum went to the Pancake Rocks she was very disappointed.  Mum said she really liked her skydive!!!  In Rotorua, up at the go-karts there is a big sky swing where you swing over a cliff, cool as!  Mum and Uncle Dan went on this and it was great.  There is a place called Puzzling World, it is sooo good and Mum loved the puzzles there.

Dad loved the trapeze that he tried out at Action World, he thought it was great!  We went sailing on a pirate ship, Dad liked it because there was free cups of tea and scones.  Dad really hated Greymouth, it was rainy and grey.  Dad liked the Taupo Ironman and I was a bit bored as the race started at 6am and lasted till past my bedtime!  Dad thinks one of the best parts of his holiday was watching my Weet-Bix triathlon, I was first in the swim and Dad was really proud.

Joe absolutely loved the bowling we did with Sarah.  He also loved the luge in Rotorua.  There was a place called the Antarctic Centre where you can see real snow, wow!  Joe got a toy Kiwi in Te Anau, which he called Keo and this is now his favourite toy (apart from Dogger).

Bye, bye.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading about New Zealand.  We have enjoyed out visit!


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