Saturday 18 April 2009

Wanaka Toy and Transport Museum

On Thursday we decided to go to the Wanaka Toy and Transport Museum, which we have driven past many times but have never actually managed to make time to visit.  What an experience!  This has to be the most bizarre museum I have ever been to, it was an absolute Aladdins Cave which was jam packed with pretty much anything toy or transport related that you could think of!  

The museum consisted of three large warehouses, a huge hangar, a lean-to and acres of outside space where there were rows and rows of vehicles and machinery.  We started off looking at the toys, where my favourites were the barbies while the boys were all drawn to the Star Wars and Lego displays.  Interspersed among the toy displays were old cars, some of which were filled with old dolls, teddies or trolls.  Most of the toys were displayed in cases, but we were particularly impressed with the collection of toy planes displayed on top of a row of old cars.  

The other warehouses were crammed with cars, planes, motorbikes and any other forms of transport you could imagine.  There were endless cars, some of which were tucked under the wings of planes!  A lot of the cars were dusty and there were some sitting outside with grass growing up through them.  The museum hires out cars for props and we saw the car used in the film 'World's Fasted Indian'.  David and I both saw cars the same as those we learned to drive in...although it has been pointed out that seeing the car first car you drove in a museum is a sign of old age!!

We all really enjoyed looking around such an eclectic collection and when we left we still felt there was lots that we hadn't managed to see.  

Photos are here (there are a couple of snaps and then loads of the toy museum I thought this place was great, so be warned you might get bored of them!)



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