Sunday 5 April 2009

Skydive Lake Wanaka

On Friday Sarah, Sarah and I did a skydive from 15,000 feet (Sven didn’t join us as he has done 98 skydives already and David couldn’t join us as he was on babysitting duty).  We arrived at the Skydive hangar at 10am and after signing the most lengthy disclaimer I have ever read (which basically seemed to say ‘you might die and if you do then tough luck you are not allowed to sue anyone,’) we donned attractive jumpsuits and got into our harnesses.

We then headed out to the plane where we were packed in like sardines…it made the Aurigny
 flights to Jersey seem spacious!!  We took off and started circling to climb up to 15,000 feet.  The views as we gained height were spectacular, we could see Lake Wanaka, Lake Hawea, Mount Cook, Mount Aspiring and the Clutha River.  

When we got to height it was time to jump, Sarah L was first, then Sarah H and then me.  To jump out I had to sit on the edge of the plane and tuck my feet under the plane then put my head back on the instructors shoulder, once we were in the correct position we jumped.  

From 15,000ft it is a 60 second freefall before the parachute is deployed.  The views were
 stunning and it was an amazing feeling to be falling so quickly towards the ground.  The 60 seconds passed quickly and before I knew it the parachute was open.  As soon as the parachute opened it was suddenly silent and we gently cruised back down to the landing zone.  

We all agreed it was absolutely brilliant and that it had all been over too quickly…maybe we will have to do another one!!  


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