Sunday 5 April 2009

Sarah and Sarah … and Sven

After a great weekend at Mount Cook we had an exciting week as David’s sister Sarah (Holmes) and her friend Sarah (Lawrie) arrived in Wanaka.  They are spending 6 months travelling and are spending 6 weeks in New Zealand, travelling around on the ‘Stray’ bus.  

They arrived on Tuesday and we all went out to the Lazy Dog for lunch and an afternoon of catching up and exchanging travel stories.  Dean and Diana had a customer arriving by helicopter from Queenstown to do a wine tasting, so that added a bit of excitement to the afternoon and Sarah L hopped aboard for a quick spin with Dian
a and Jack!

Wednesday was our long awaited
 visit to do the maze and illusion rooms at Puzzling World.  We picked up Sarah and Sarah from their hostel and one of their friends from their bus, Sven, came along too.  We started off with the mind-bending illusion rooms, which were fantastic.  I think they were one of the best attractions we have seen in New Zealand.  After a quick lunch in the van we did the maze, we split up and gave Sarah, Sarah and Sven a race to the finish…which they won easily!  We then spent a good hour trying out all the puzzles before heading outside to 
take some photos with the ’Leaning Tower of Wanaka’.

One day in Wanaka we came across a travelling TV studio in which you could record a YouTube video to send back home (link here).

The rest of the week was spent with Sarah, Sarah and Sven in Wanaka where we enjoyed chilling out in the sunshine, taking in the views over the lake, visiting the park and we also enjoyed another afternoon at the Lazy Dog.


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