Monday 27 April 2009

Getting ready to move on

Over the last week we have been getting ready to move on to Australia.  We sold the campervan on Trade Me and we deliver it on Wednesday, we are leaving a few things in the van for the buyers (like plates, hoover, cooking pots etc) so that has made it a bit easier as we will have the essentials until the end.  We have left the Sally Car with the garage for them to sell on once it is repaired (see earlier blog!).  

In order to check how much stuff we had accumulated while we were in NZ we had a 'trial pack', where we packed up all our bags with everything we were taking with us.  We have one bag less now as we sold the tent, which had lots of extra space for squeezing in a car seat and sleeping bags.  It was all going brilliantly, we had everything packed into three bags and we were feeling rather smug....until David opened the shoe cupboard and was buried in an avalanche of shoes!!!   We had to buy a fourth bag.

We had accumulated a few bits and pieces that we wanted to keep, but we didn't need on the rest of the trip, so these were packed up into a box and posed back over to Scotland.  This box was mainly filled with the boys treasures, such as train set, triathlon medal, DVDs and a couple of books.

The other thing we had to get rid of was the bikes.  David sold his bike to Andy, so this had to be dismantled and packed up then couriered up to the North Island (where it arrived safely today).  

The kids bikes proved a bit harder to get rid of.  Dean and Diana bought Joe's bike for Jack, leaving us with two still to sell.  We tried a secondhand shop in Dunedin, but they were not interested.  We tried a Cash Converters 
in Christchurch, where the worlds most grumpy shop assistant offered us $70 for Peter's bike and $35 for Luke's (which cost $460 and $170 respectively).  Offended by this poor offer we went to ask in the bike shop if they would be interested and the super-friendly guy (who remembered us buying the bikes) has agreed to sell them for us then send us the money.  Sorted!

We also had other assorted possessions to sell, most of which went to Cash Converters...due to Mr Grumpy we had to visit a couple of shops before we were rid of most of our stuff.  We still have a bag for the Charity Shop, which we will drop off in the morning and then we will be packing for real!  Where have the last six months gone???


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