Wednesday 29 April 2009

Goodbye Johnny 5

Last night was our last sleeping in the campervan (Johnny 5).  Once the boys were asleep we pulled out the luggage and started packing.  It is amazing how much stuff was concealed in the storage lockers in the van - but we somehow managed to squeeze it all into our bags (including the new fourth holdall).  However, despite the trial pack last week we once again managed to forget about the shoe cupboard so the shoes arrived at the hotel in a carrier bag - we have some reorganising to do if we want to keep everything we've still got.

Over the last couple of days we have managed to clear out most of the major items which we needed to get rid of (bikes, car seat, printer etc) and yesterday and this morning the van had a final wash and clean.  Annoyingly the weather this morning was wet for the first time in a while which meant we couldn't let the boys out of the van after breakfast (camping + rain = muddy footprints) and the van arrived at its new home looking considerably less shiny than it did last night.

The people who bought the van (Annie and Rick) live just outside Christchurch, so Joseph and I drove out there this afternoon to drop off the van.  The new owners are really nice people (I'm not just saying that because they'll read this blog!) and also have kids, so Johnny 5 still has plenty of action to look forward to once they get back from their eight week campervan tour around mainland Europe this summer.  After a quick trip to the bank to pay over the money for the van Annie and Rick drove us back to the hotel (while their four year old son kept us entertained in the back).

We are staying at a hotel within walking distance of Christchurch Airport for the next two nights before we fly over to Sydney on Friday.  The boys have adapted to hotel life again already and don't seem to be missing our old home yet - mainly because the hotel room has a TV!


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